House Removals

Raise your property’s value – the easy way

Busby House Removals can relocate, remove, raise or re-stump houses.

Building a new house isn’t always the most cost-effective option. Have you considered moving an existing house onto your property rather than building? Or perhaps you have an existing structure on your property that you could remove and sell. Whatever your situation, Busby House Removals can help.

The Busby’s team are experienced in transporting:

  • Queenslander homes
  • Prefabricated transportables (steel or concrete floor)
  • Timber framed cottage homes
  • School classrooms
  • Halls
  • Churches
  • Site offices
  • Mining camps/complexes
  • Sheds
  • Boats



So, you’ve decided you want a house relocated – what happens next? There are many steps involved in house removal and relocation and Busby House Removals can coordinate the entire process for you.


  1. Inspecting the house to ensure its structural integrity for relocation
  2. Inspecting the proposed relocation route, including all government and Police approvals
  3. Organising your site plans and engineering for the destination, which requires Council approval
  4. Framing, preparing and cutting the house if required
  5. Loading the house onto our purpose-built hydraulic trailers
  6. All permits, inspections and approvals for the final move


On Arrival

  1. Construction of footings and pier holes
  2. Unloading and structural re-construction of the house
  3. Installation of piers
  4. Lowering your new home onto the new piers – and our job is done!

This process can be followed whether we are moving your house from one side of town to the other or interstate. We have particular expertise in Central and Western Queensland, where buying an existing house and relocating it can be far simpler than transporting building materials to remote locations.


House Raising & Re-stumping

By raising your existing house to the maximum legal height, you could add both space and value without the hassle of building a completely new home. Think of the potential in adding bedrooms, rumpus areas, work or play areas – simply by raising and re-stumping your existing property.

Busby House Removals have all the right equipment and expertise to make the house raising and restumping project simple and straightforward.

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