Licensed and accredited to ensure a safe, quality outcome

You can’t let just anyone start on class A asbestos removals or demolition work – proper licensing is key to a safe and quality outcome.


Class A and B Asbestos Removal

A Class A Asbestos Removal License is required for removal of friable asbestos (asbestos that can be easily reduced to powder), and during high-risk construction work involving friable asbestos, such as drilling or some other form of disturbance.

Non-friable or bonded asbestos can be removed or disturbed by a Class B-licensed contractor. Busby Asbestos Removals holds both a Class A and Class B Asbestos License.

Class A Asbestos License No. 2317384
Class B Asbestos License No. MBQ0003127



Busby’s hold a License to perform Demolition Work, as per the Work Health and Safety Regulation 2011. This means we are licensed to perform all types of demolition work, from small-scale internal strip-outs to full building demolition. Every Busby’s demolition job is conducted according to a demolition plan and a safe work method.

Demolition Licence No. 2309602


QBCC License

With our work in house removals, Busby’s also hold a QBCC license to ensure that we can safely dismantle and re-assemble houses. We do all aspects of house removal in-house, including the coordination of associated trades.

QBCC License No. 1215409


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